Boku no Hero Academia: Yuuei Heroes Battle (Dub) Poster

Boku no Hero Academia: Yuuei Heroes Battle (Dub)

The stage this time is the UA dormitory just before season 5's Endeavor Internship arc! In the middle of winter, a hot and blustery cold battle is unfolding at Heights Alliance!

Third-year Mirio Togata appears suddenly as the first-year students in Class A are bored during their ban from going outside. He brings with him the card game "Yuuei Heroes Battle," created by the support class. As each student picks cards and joins the fierce battle, there seems to be more to the game than meets the eye. At the end, who will emerge victorious?

(Source: Anime News Network)

Note: The anime had a world premiere at tne New York Comic Con event on October 13 in English dub before the Japanese release in theaters.

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